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​佐賀県唐津市 閑静な山あいで、藤ノ木土平・藤ノ木陽太郎の親子二代で作陶しています

In a quiet mountain area of Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture, two generations of parents and children, Fujinoki Dohei and Fujinoki Yotaro,are making pottery.












About us

Doheigama(Dohei Kiln) was built by Dohei Fujinoki in 1980.

Currently, Dohei Fujinoki and his son Yotaro Fujinoki are working as artists at the kiln.


We are particular about the colors produced by the flame of the wood.For this reason, we use a climbing kiln.

In addition to that, We fire a Anagama(cave kiln) once a year. (11 days)


Historically, the origins of Karatsu ware lie in tea ceremony utensils, so we have studied the tea ceremony and are also involved in the production of tea ceramics.

We spend my days learning from the masterpieces of the past and working on my own works.


On the other hand, Karatsu ware is said to be a vessel of "beauty of use".

The true value of Karatsu ware comes out only when it is used. By using it, you can enhance the food, the flowers, and the space, which in turn enhances the vessel and makes it grow.

Even in today's busy world, if you use a bowl you like at mealtime, it will change the appearance of your food and make it more enjoyable to use. I believe that this is a way to enrich our minds in our daily lives.

We would like to create such things that are close to our lives.

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